Welcome to the official website of Franchise Inc. Media and Bambino Enterprises Web Design.

Our journey began back in 2003 when our companies founder, president, and CEO developed the website for actor Frank Vincent [which was discontinued in 2020] best known for his work in Goodfellas, Casino, and The Sopranos. Despite starting the web development and design journey with such a big client, FIBE's goal is to provide reasonably priced websites for everyone. As a result, most of our clients are individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Over the years FIBE has been able to create traction for new businesses and create awareness regarding individual/personal websites. In addition to utilizing social media and SEO marketing strategies to connect businesses and people to their target customer or employer we have also directed our clients to more marketing tactics, including old school newspaper write-ups. Two such examples include for author Edith Hughes-Hill and local garden nursery Open Arms Garden.

Whatever your web development and design needs we have you covered.

Please note we will produce a proposal based on your needs and how much this will cost us. Additionally, we charged $25 per month, any month where updates are needed. For example, if you ask us to update a website once a month we will charge $25 per month [12 x $25]. As a result, many of our clients provide us with their updates in bulk [i.e. 12 updates in March to only pay one $25 update fee]. Since 2018 clients are also expected to pay $15 a month in hosting fees. This service provides clients with the comfort of mind their website not only looks good, but is protected.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Serious inquiries only.